RAD Studio XE2

Courtesy:  Jolyon Smith

  • FireMonkey – a scalable vector graphics based GUI framework exploiting GPU capabilities for hardware accelerated cross platform GUI’s.
  • Cross-Platform support – Target Win32 and Win64 with single-source VCL applications or Win32, Win64 and MORE using FireMonkey.
  • iOS support for native code FireMonkey apps !! – Yes folks – use Delphi to build iPhone and iPad apps that even Steve Jobs will be happy to have in his Store!
  • LiveBindings – a way to create ‘live” relationships not just between objects but between individual properties of objects.
  • Native Android apps – using PhoneGap in RadPHP
  • Native Android apps – to come in the future for Delphi (as well as Linux)
  • DataSnap client proxy generation – for Android, .NET, Objective-C, Blackberry, iOS etc etc
  • Starter Edition will be available right from the start along with Pro, Enterprise and Architect.
  • ALL platforms supported by the cross-platform capabilities will be in ALL editions, including Starter!

It is interesting to note that for XE2, Embarcadero is using Free Pascal Compiler as a stopgap solution until it has its own ARM compiler.

What does it mean?

If they have modified the base FPC compiler then they should release the enhanced code to the FPC community.


Interesting link:

The Wiert Corner


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