Business of Ecosystem

The word ecosystem has become a buzzword, if not overly abused in business parlance.

But to illustrate its importance, here are some links:

Open Source: Now It’s an Ecosystem

Stephen Elop of Nokia in his remark:

The game has changed from a battle of devices to a war of ecosystems.

Peter Chou, HTC CEO:

It’s the ecosystem, not the operating system

It’s not a Business, it’s an Ecosystem

Several factors come in to play in this notion of building an ecosystem over building a business:

  • Our markets have never had more access to real time information, yet never had less time or attention to consume our messages
  • Social behavior has become a business expectation and means of communication rather than a business tactic
  • Almost every service, solution, product or idea can be acquired for free, the market now only pays for an experience

Given those factors, I believe that even the simplest business ecosystem must include:

  • A strategic emphasis on building a collaboration community around prospects, customers, suppliers, partners and competitors
  • A commitment to the publishing of concepts, ideas and methodologies in every size, shape and format
  • The packaging of content in both free and premium models that leverage a market’s desired consumption devices
  • The development of products that support services and services that support products
  • A leadership brand that can build and tell stories and a commitment to get in front of audiences
  • The building of personalized hubs of communities in the social spaces where our markets hang out
  • The construction of a formal network of partners that provide every product and service our markets need
  • The Fusion of online and offline tactics as a way to create more convenient, yet highly personal engagement

And, hanging somewhere above the ecosystem, much like the atmosphere, is the overarching need for a simple, inspirational, purpose driven vision that drives the system and runs through every story, hire, decision, message and brand asset.

To complement the cliche,

It’s the ecosystem, stupid

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