Percona Stack Expertise

Courtesy:  Percona

Database Servers

Storage Engines

  • MyISAM – Traditional storage engine with Table Locks and no transactions support
  • InnoDB – Native, Plug-In, & Embedded versions
  • XtraDB – Percona’s enhanced transactional engine based on Innodb
  • Blackhole – Non-writable engine used in special replication-related situations
  • Federated – Disperses tables across multiple servers
  • Falcon – In memory engine (no longer under active development)
  • SphinxSE – Full text search engine
  • Maria – Transactional engine by Monty Program Ab, derived from MyISAM
  • PBXT – Transactional engine by Primebase
  • TokuDB – Storage engine that increases performance with fractal indexing technology

MySQL High Availability

Performance Enhancements Strategies

  • memcached – In-memory caching
  • MySQL Proxy – Load balancing, failover, query filtering & analysis utility

MySQL Replication & Backup

MySQL Utilities & Other

Hardware & Software Environment

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