Backup is All about Recovery

Courtesy:  High Performance MySQL, 2nd Edition

Backups come first. Backups are routine. Backups are easy but when disaster strikes, you need a great recovery system. Backups are nothing if a restore takes longer than you can afford.

  • Replication is not a backup. Neither is RAID. Not only are they not backups, they are not substitute for backups.
  • Security vs time-to-recover
  • Off-site or on-site
  • Raw backups vs logical backups
  • Backup your binary logs for point-in-time recovery
  • Keep several backup generations
  • Test your backup and recovery process
  • Create logical backups periodically. Make sure you keep enough binary logs to recover from your last logical backup
  • Test your raw backups
  • Monitor your backups and backup process
  • Think hard about security
  • There are more efficient ways to copy files other than scp or rsync

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