Aeolus Cloud Management

Courtesy:  Aeolus Project

Aeolus is a project for managing existing clouds (public and private), not an attempt at creating yet another one.

Aeolus is a single, consistent set of tools to build and manage organized groups of virtual machines across clouds.

So, what does Aeolus need to provide a user to accomplish its mission?

  • Aeolus Conductor: A way to provide cloud resources to users, manage users’ access to and use of those resources, and control users’ instances in clouds. This lets users make intelligent choices about which cloud to use.
  • Aeolus Composer: A way to build cloud-specific images from generic templates, so that users can choose clouds freely using compatible images.
  • Aeolus Orchestrator: A way to manage clumps of instances in an organized way. Users should be able to automatically bring up a set of different instances on a single cloud or spanning multiple clouds, configure them, and tell them about each other.
  • Aeolus HA Manager: A way to make instances or clumps of instances in the cloud highly available.

All these things are possible because of the Deltacloud cross-cloud abstraction library. Deltacloud itself is a separate project.


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