PaaS Scorecard

Excerpt from OLEX Wazi

In this post, we attempt to define and score key criteria that should be used to measure and assess how well a particular Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering meets the standard of “open”.

We examined five PaaS platforms: Cloud Foundry (from VMWare), DotCloud,, Google App Engine and OpenShift (from RedHat). We scored each against five criteria for openness: choice of infrastructure, choice of platform, portability, choice of support and open source licensing.

Cloud Foundry, DotCloud scored at the top with a B- on our open PaaS criteria. OpenShift was a little behind with a C+. Despite the fact that all three vendors claim to be Open PaaS, they still fall short on some of our key criteria of open source. In many cases they have announced the intent to provide for more choices and openness in the future. Google App Engine and don’t claim to be open, and not surprisingly scored a D and D- …


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