Why IT Courses are Deregulated?

If there is a pattern that captures how science works, it’s anything goes by Paul Feyerabend. Medicine, engineering and architecture may have been standardized but not with information technology. Why? Because the above-mentioned fields are relatively static compared to IT.

Let me illustrate:

Medicine deals with biological laws, engineering and architecture deal with physical laws (laws of nature). These laws do not change. It is applicable from the ancient times up to the present. As such, medicine, engineering and architecture deal with static (immutable) physical laws.  The only dynamic part is left to the diagnosis, design, treatment or  implementation of the scope of the problem.

In IT, it’s different because the problems are inherently dynamic. IT deals with business processes and thinking processes. Business is dynamic, human nature is dynamic. How you describe the problem is inherently dynamic unlike the scope of problems being dealt with medicine, engineering and architecture. IT does not deal with static structures or heavily-studied human diseases. IT deals with dynamic human processes.

IT is a tool of business where the name of the game is the provision of agile, efficient, high-performance and high-availability systems.

Here is the pattern: Everything that needs to go digital will go digital, everything that needs to be automated will be automated provided there is available human resources. IT is not about the latest technologies, IT is about people.

There are many ways to solving an IT problem (of course, taking into account IT obsolescence and efficiency). Hence, the IT deregulation.


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