Network Packet Analysis

Virtualization is an abstraction layer on top of the underlying hardware powering your computer, network, storage or data center. As such, it represents another layer to overcome to gather much-needed metrics to see if your apps or hardware are performing up to its maximal capacity.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. The same is true with virtualization. For system admin, it’s the dreaded virtual packet loss. Fortunately, there is Extrahops’ Network Timeout. Interop shows you why:

Extrahops Network Timeout is a free application analysis tool that takes packet captures and presents application analysis reports that can be used for trouble shooting and application performance management. Unlike packet analysis programs like Wireshark and Wild Packets OmniPeek that excel at packet decoding and low level troubleshooting, Network Timeout performs application analysis from layer 2 through 7. If you have ever tried to determine why applications are performing poorly with a packet analyzer, you’ll understand why Network Timeout won Best of Interop for Network Management, Monitoring, and Testing.

Network Timeout presents application through a series of graphs breaking out performance information such as packets per second, request and response times, and transaction details. It’s easy to get lost in Network Timeout’s interface at first because of all the analysis that is available. Network Timeouts analysis pull out alerts such as lost packets, re-transmits, even failed DNS queries so you can pinpoint failure easily The application analysis is equally detailed. HTTP analysis breaks out HTTP queries, the types of elements request and sent. Network Timeout even handles complex protocols like file transfers and can show what files users are accessing.

Analyzed files can be shared with others to that you can team up on troubleshooting and analysis. Extrahop is also trying to build up a community of users who can help interpret the analysis and assist in troubleshooting. Network Timeout does require full packet captures, so anything that is uploaded may contain sensitive information like usernames and passwords. If you want to share captures, be sure to scrub them first. There is a 30 MB limit on captures, but that is often enough to pinpoint problems. Network Timeout excellent analytic capabilities will help anyone tasked with performance management and troubleshooting.


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