Many Clouds, One API

Courtesy: Admin Magazine

With the recent rise in cloud computing, most cloud providers have offered their own APIs, which means cloud users sign up for the services of individual providers at the expense of being able to migrate easily to other providers at a later stage. Apache Deltacloud addresses this issue by offering a standardized API definition for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) clouds with drivers for a range of different clouds. The Deltacloud API is designed as a RESTful web service and comes with client libraries for all major programming languages. Additional drivers for accessing further public or private clouds can be created with minimal effort…

The Deltacloud API is implemented via HTTP as a service-based REST (representational state transfer) interface (Figure 2). All data is communicated via the REST interface to a Deltacloud server, which similarly has a REST interface. To simplify operation of the REST interface, the Deltacloud project provides a CLI (command-line interface) tool, as well as client libraries in Ruby, Java, C, and Python.

Deltacloud is not the only open source project to develop cloud abstraction APIs; other solutions include jclouds, libcloud, boto, and fog. However, all these libraries are tied to specific programming languages – jclouds to Java, libcloud and boto to Python, and fog to Ruby. These options all consist of language-specific libraries. Deltacloud, on the other hand, is entirely independent of languages and is the only cloud abstraction API that can also be used as a web service. The advantage of this approach is that through the use of widely accepted and existing standards such as HTTP and XML, an open architecture is created independent of platforms and programming languages.


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