Consumer and Enterprise Market

It seems that there are two kinds of market in IT:

1) consumer market – catered to by the likes of Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Samsung, Acer, HTC, etc

2) enterprise – Oracle, IBM, HP, Dell and the like

The former has very short sales cycle (online, credit card, retail store, App Store…). Consumers are finicky, want service fast, hate queue and exhibit relatively low cost of switching service provider.

The latter, on the other hand, has a long sales cycle (if not very long). Typically, they are the business, government and corporate IT market.

Consumerization of IT, in a way, mimics the consumer style of immediate service and short sales cycle. They want to consume IT without the bureaucracy and paper trail so prevalent in the enterprise. They want it fast and furious!

The enterprise market, however, are IT-savvy but not all. They profess to know IT but cannot code.

If you are thinking of which IT service to provide, think of these two kinds of market. Maybe you will see a trend when IBM ditched its PC business to Lenovo, and HP is doing likewise.

Maybe the consumer and enterprise IT markets are simply two different animals.


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