Brutal, Honest Common Sense

There is a lot of hype, confusion, more hype and more confusion in IT. If you like brutal, honest answer about programming or IT in general, take it from these men:

Courtesy of Ted Dziuba:

Anyone who has ever told you that swear words are a cheap way to get an audience is right, too. I’ve been on both the amateur and professional side of technical journalism, and I’ll tell you this: every way to get an audience is cheap. Let’s take Paul Graham, for example. Any emotion you detect in his essays is purely by accident, but he conveys a message, and has a following. He would not have that following if he were some guy off the street, so rattling off any damn thing and putting a Paul Graham byline on it is a cheap way to get an audience.

But admit it, somewhere in the back of your gut is a rebellious nerve that wonders what happens when Paul gets pissed off.

People like me, Zed Shaw, and Zach Holman will give you a brutally honest answer if you ask for it. People like Paul won’t. You will get a response, but it’s in newspaper words. The same newspaper words, that, by the way, with their self-imposed emotional blockade, allow the nicest haircut to slither into the White House every couple of years.

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