MySQL FrontEnd, NoSQL BackEnd

Courtesy:  Xeround

With all the various NewSQL solutions listed by the 451 Group and looking at the two points raised above, Xeround is the only NewSQL solution to offer a native cloud Database-as-a-Service. The other solutions – all viable ones for what they’re designed for – range from various downloadable plug-ins, engines etc., to middleware-like tools to boost read scalability (not write) and hardware/software appliances. (As you can see from our feature comparison table, Amazon RDS offers a DBaaS solution, but it is simply an implementation of MySQL on EC2, not a cloud database.)

At Xeround, we combine the best of both worlds: NoSQL and SQL (Does NewSQL sound familiar? :-)).

Underneath the hood, we’re a fully virtualized cloud NoSQL database (DHT + distributed b-tree indexes and object store,) and on the forefront, we have a customized parser that enables us to offer various database flavors which currently expose MySQL via the storage engine API.


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