Are You a Human?

 are you a human? –  the CAPTCHA alternative

On a crisp fall morning in 2007, Tyler (one of our favorite humans) was at work in cubicle world when a colleague next to him attempted to buy Hannah Montana tickets. (He dubiously claimed they were for his daughters.) To the great amazement of both men, all the tickets for the entire show sold out in just seven minutes. Hannah Montana must have an incredibly devoted and savvy fan base!

Well, not really. A little investigation revealed that many of the tickets were bought up by scalpers to be sold immediately afterward for a huge markup.

Further digging found that these scalpers were using bots to do their dirty work. The scalpers used computer programs, or bots, that bought up all of the best seats to be resold later. These programs were designed specifically to bypass the main security measure in place to prevent this, the CAPTCHA. After some research, Tyler discovered that none of the current CAPTCHA solutions were able to consistently stop automated attacks, not to mention how terrible they are for people to interact with.

This was a problem crying out for a new solution to be created, one that’s dynamic and too complex for a computer to crack, while at the same time being simple and fun for people. It would also have to be subtle and sophisticated enough to stop hackers in their tracks.

Why not use a game?

After assembling a team and a few years of tinkering, Are You a Human was born, to remove from the internet forever the double scourge of CAPTCHAs on the one hand and Bots on the other. We’re just getting started, and we need your help, so please join us in the fight against spam-bots!


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