Linux and BSD

If there is no Linux, BSD could have been in Linux place right now. If you have seen the multi-part video “Everything is a Remix”, you may think that if it is not forbidden, it is certainly bound to happen. It is inevitable. Resistance is futile. But then again, imagination is one thing, action is another (abstraction-action asymmetry).

GPL or not, open source is inevitable. It is the behavioral economics of social norms at work. Social norms is one-half part of human nature, the other half is called market norms.

Linux, BSD and the like is social norms. Windows, Mac and other for-profit software is market norms.

So deal with it. No need for unnecessary hate amongst Linux, Microsoft or Apple.

It is not an either/or proposition.

You are not a gadget. You are not software.

You are more than hardware and software combined.

You are HUMAN.


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