Why jQuery?

Smashing Magazine sums it up:

Separate Javascript functionality into a “behavioural layer,” so that it is separate from and independent of (X)HTML and CSS.

  • (X)HTML is the markup,
  • CSS the presentation and
  • Javascript the behavioural layer.

This means storing ALL Javascript code in external script files and building pages that do not rely on Javascript to be usable. 

jQuery is an extremely powerful library that provides all the tools necessary to create beautiful interactions and animations in web pages, while empowering the developer to do so in an accessible and degradable manner.

The article has covered:

  1. Why unobtrusive DOM scripting is so important for accessibility,
  2. Why jQuery is the natural choice to implement unobtrusive DOM scripting effects,
  3. How jQuery selectors work,
  4. How to implement unobtrusive CSS rules in jQuery.