Java Web App RAD

WaveMaker is a visual development tool for building web and cloud applications. WaveMaker’s drag and drop tools flatten the Java learning curve by 92%, enabling any developer to build enterprise-grade web applications that deploy to a standard Java platform. WaveMaker’s WYSIWYG studio creates standard Java applications with 98% less code, boosting developer productivity and quality without compromising flexibility. WaveMaker applications are cloud-ready and include built-in support for multi-tenancy and elastic scaling.

WaveMaker and WaveMaker applications are based on industry standard, open source technologies including: Spring, DOJO (Ajax widgets), Hibernate (database access), JAXWS (web services), JSON-RPC (client/server communication) and Acegi (security).


And what does it produce?
  • Does WaveMaker produce Java classes on the server? Yes, WaveMaker generates Hibernate classes to perform the object relational mapping automatically, including any views or Hibernate queries you have defined in the visual builder. Wavemaker creates a standard Java project based on Spring/Hibernate – you can edit the project in any Java IDE
  • Does WaveMaker generate Javascript code to display the UI? Yes, WaveMaker uses the Dojo library for widgets and generates the Javascript needed for the UI. Just as with the server, you are free to add your own custom Javascript as well.
  • Does WaveMaker generate HTML to display the UI? WaveMaker generates a complete web app, including the index.html page, but most of the UI work is done with JavaScript. You can add custom html and css styling to the project.
  • How is the UI and business logic separated? WaveMaker uses the MVC architecture to separate UI and business logic. Business logic lives on the server as Java code. UI is mostly defined using the visual builder, but you can add custom Javascript in the client as well to give maximum UI flexibility.
  • Is it possible to integrate a WaveMaker project into an existing JEE Project? Yes, WaveMaker has an advanced feature called Pluggable Service Types that allows a developer to use WaveMaker as a visual GUI builder for existing JEE applications
  • Does WaveMaker project only import jars? WaveMaker supports importing both Jars or just Plain Old Java Objects