Caddy Web Server

Caddy is a general-purpose web server for Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, and Android. It is a capable but easier alternative to other popular web servers.


  • Easy configuration with Caddyfile
  • Automatic HTTPS via Let’s Encrypt; Caddy obtains and manages all cryptographic assets for you
  • HTTP/2 enabled by default (powered by Go standard library)
  • Virtual hosting for hundreds of sites per server instance, including TLS SNI
  • Experimental QUIC support for those that like speed
  • TLS session ticket key rotation for more secure connections
  • Brilliant extensibility so Caddy can be customized for your needs
  • Runs anywhere with no external dependencies (not even libc)

About the Project

Caddy was born out of the need for a “batteries-included” web server that runs anywhere and doesn’t have to take its configuration with it. Caddy took inspiration from spark, nginx, lighttpd, Websocketd and Vagrant, which provides a pleasant mixture of features from each of them.

Author on Twitter: @mholt6