Go’s march to low-latency GC

From https://blog.twitch.tv/gos-march-to-low-latency-gc-a6fa96f06eb7

We use Go at Twitch for many of our busiest systems. Its simplicity, safety, performance, and readability make it a good tool for the problems we encounter with serving live video and chat to our millions of users.

But this isn’t another article about how great Go is for us — it’s about how our use of Go pushes the limits of the current runtime implementation in some dimensions, and how we respond to reaching those limits.

It’s the story of how improvements to the Go runtime between Go 1.4 and Go 1.6 gave us a 20x improvement in garbage collection (GC) pause time, of how we’ve gotten another 10x improvement in Go 1.6’s pauses, and of how sharing our experience with the Go runtime team helped them give us an additional 10x speedup in Go 1.7 while obsoleting our manual tuning.