Harbor container registry


Project Harbor is an enterprise-class registry server, which extends the open source Docker Registry server by adding the functionality usually required by an enterprise, such as security, replication and management. Harbor is primarily designed to be a private registry – providing the needed security and control that enterprises require. It also helps minimize bandwidth usage, which is helpful to both improve productivity (local network access) as well as performance (for those with poor internet connectivity).


  • Role based access control: Users and Docker repositories are organized via “projects”, a user can have different permission for images under a project.
  • Image replication: Images can be replicated(synchronized) between multiple registry instances. Great for load balancing and distributed data centers.
  • Graphical user portal: User can easily browse, search Docker repositories, manage projects/namespaces.
  • AD/LDAP support: Harbor integrates with existing enterprise AD/LDAP for user authentication and management.
  • Auditing: All the operations to the repositories are tracked.
  • Internationalization: Already localized for English, Chinese, German, Japanese and Russian. More languages can be added.
  • RESTful API: RESTful APIs for most administrative operations, easing intergration with external management platforms.