Reprint from Datanami: The signal-to-noise ratio in the NoSQL world has made it hard to figure out what’s going on, or even who has something new. For all the talk of performance in the NoSQL world, much of the most exciting part of what’s new is really not about performance at all. Take for example,…


Links: Installing MySQL from source – Shlomi Noach The MySQL init script mess – Xaprb

ClouSE or Xeround

MySQL Database-as-a-Service on Amazon Web Services ClouSE is the Cloud Storage Engine for MySQL that can utilize cloud storage such as Amazon S3 to store relational and blob (a.k.a. structured and non-structured) data. ClouSE provides fully functional, transactional and ACID-compliant relational data management on top of cloud storage. On the other hand, Xeround (pronounced zeh-round) is…

NoSQL Ecosystem

Courtesy:  The Architecture of Open Source Applications Chapter 13. The NoSQL Ecosystem Adam Marcus Unlike most of the other projects in this book, NoSQL is not a tool, but an ecosystem composed of several complimentary and competing tools. The tools branded with the NoSQL monicker provide an alternative to SQL-based relational database systems for storing…

TokuDB vs Xeround

TokuDB and Xeround are both MySQL derivatives; the former is a product while the latter is a service. TokuDB touts its fractal tree while Xeround implements DHT (distributed hash table) and distributed BTree. You may want to check out these interesting product and service.